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Our Frank who art in airplanes, hallowed be thy name. Thy chopper come, thy will be done on Island as it is on the set of a Burt Reynolds movie. Give us this day our daily beard, and forgive us our weirdest damn funerals, as we forgive those who aren't going to Guam, are they? and lead us not into talking about bacon, but deliver us with duct tape.



Briana is working on a project with the 10 year anniversary of the pilot coming up soon, and is looking for submissions:

What it is: A book combining photos from LOST with text written in the handwriting of the fans. I want fans from all over to hand write a moment or memory they have related to LOST that is important to them and pair it with a image from the show itself. On September 22nd the book will become available for purchase* (*Note, I am not profiting from this at all. The price you pay will only cover the cost of printing, binding, and shipping the book.)

How to submit: Handwrite whatever you’d like to say about LOST and scan it into your computer. (Or if you must, you can photograph the paper) Once you’ve done that, attach the image as a high quality jpeg or pdf file and email it to lost815book@gmail.com. If there is a particular photo or scene you’d like me to use in relation with your text please specify or send a picture of that as well.

Click here for more information.

4 years. The End 5/23/2010

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Can we just discuss young jeff fahey for a moment please

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No Lapidus we aren’t


Lost Outtakes


lost meme ~ Quotes (9/9)

This is a high risk covert op in unstable territory. It’s dodgy enough without having to babysit a headcase, ghost buster, anthropologist and a drunk.

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A recording from yours truly — a theme song for LAPIDUS!!


Kickin’ ass by day

Takin’ names by night

What’s his name?!


He ain’t goin’ to Guam

But whoever knows

Well he’s a real son of a gun

So the legend goes


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