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Our Frank who art in airplanes, hallowed be thy name. Thy chopper come, thy will be done on Island as it is on the set of a Burt Reynolds movie. Give us this day our daily beard, and forgive us our weirdest damn funerals, as we forgive those who aren't going to Guam, are they? and lead us not into talking about bacon, but deliver us with duct tape.


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No Lapidus we aren’t


LOST: Namaste

“They’re gone.”

In which Frank Lapidus successfully lands a crashing plane LIKE A BOSS, a few people get, er, lost along the way, and Ben is deliberately creepy about it.

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Frank Lapidus


Frank Lapidus

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In my experience, the guys who go out of their way to tell you they’re the good guys, are the bad guys.

—Frank Lapidus (via crimsonbubbles)


LAPIDUS:  Well, hello, Doc. Small world. [Jack exhales] What are you doing going to Guam?

JACK: What are you doing here, Frank?

LAPIDUS: Well, I picked this gig up about eight months ago. I fly this route all the time. Sometimes I take the big birds into New [Noticing the group in first class]… Delhi. Is… that Sayid? And Hurley. Wait a second. We’re not going to Guam, are we?

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